Get into Growing with Thurso Grows

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Local community group Thurso Grows has launched a virtual “Get into Growing Group”. The idea behind the free online course is to encourage and support new food growers in the Highlands to get to grips with starting and evolving their skills.

Get into Growing!

Thurso Grows have created a 5 part series on getting into growing in the Highlands. Click on each individual link to learn all about growing, you can grow anywhere from a small windowsill space to a large garden. Gardening has proven a great activity in helping people with their mental health and wellbeing.

The first in our 5 part “Get into Growing” sessions, hosted on Zoom with Sharon and Jill from the Thurso Grows team – giving hints, tips and tricks on how to get into growing in the Highlands.

The second in the Thurso Grows 5 part series introducing Growing Veg in Caithness. This session focuses on tools and techniques for growing, including how to plant a seed, some book recommendations, an introduction to companion planting.

The third in Thurso Grows 5 part series for beginners – this session takes a good look at the growing and site design choices – we also talk a bit more about favourite books and resources and have lots of Q and A’s from our group!

The fourth in Thurso Grows series of getting into Gardening – this one focuses on seed sourcing and info – lots to learn! Hope you enjoy it.

The very last in the Thurso Grows series of sessions to encourage local growers and gardeners. This session focuses on pests and Diseases, some easy “starter” plants to grow, and organic feeds. Plus lots of questions were thrown into the mix along the way.