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Myself Management previously known as LGOWIT aims to raise awareness of the difficulties of living with lifelong chronic conditions, help people self-manage their conditions through training, education and fun; giving people the ability to control how they live their lives better and with confidence.

Self Management Toolkit and Wellbeing Plan

Explore the animation below for helpful tips on goal-setting while living with a long-term health condition.

Part of the self management process requires commitment from you.  To guide you in this Myself Management have produced a Toolkit and Wellbeing Plan which provide some simple tips, tools and techniques which will help. It explains some of the ways you can set goals to improve and develop how you look after yourself.

Most people with a long term condition have learned how to live with their condition and self manage without realising it, you probably already know some of the techniques.  By trying some of the techniques that others have found helpful you will hopefully find better ways of living with your symptoms and feel more in control of your condition and live a fuller life.

Remember you are not on your own. Please contact Myself Management or ask your local heath care professional if there is anything you are unsure about.