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Recovery-focused chat, ideas and opinions about mental health and wellbeing in Scotland.

Scottish Recovery Network have created a series of content exploring lived experience in mental health recovery, and you can listen to them now by clicking on the episodes below or download them to listen later.!a28a7#t=1

Trish O’Brien, Mental Health Network Peer Support Coordinator with Fife Voluntary Action, tells SRN what peer support means to her.

“Just hearing that someone else was going through something similar to me helped me be more kind to myself.”!e2f85

In this episode, Joanna, a Development Worker with HUG / SPIRIT Advocacy explores the themes of peer and collective advocacy.!76049

Recorded on the banks of Loch Lomond, Emily tells SRN what peer support means to her. Emily was a participant in the pilot that took the Peer2Peer course online. *This audio references suicide.

“The peer support ethos of empowering people in recovery has helped me accomplish a lot”

Photograph by Arianna Petrovan.!7740c

In this short podcast, Hollie, a Peer Worker with Penumbra, tells SRN what peer support means to her.

Co-produced with Hollie and Mind Waves.


Join Robyn, Steve, Fiona, Holly and Lesley as they chat about their experiences as facilitators and participants involved in the pilot of the online Peer2Peer course.

“It’s just been such a transformative experience. Like, this year I will be helping to facilitate a Peer2Peer course at a mental health charity in Glasgow and I’m super excited about it”. – Robyn

Peer2Peer is a free-to-access course for groups, services and organisations interested in developing peer support opportunities (face-to-face or online). Find out more and download a range of resources at