SiMBA Caithness

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SiMBA, Simpson's Memory Box Appeal, was set up in 2005 & works throughout the UK to respond to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby.

SiMBA’s aim is simple – to honour babies who have died, been stillborn or miscarried. To help gather timeless memories. It wasn’t so long ago that when a baby died it was taken away, no touch, no cuddles, no time together…no memories.

SiMBA is about memories. They help families gather together precious items and keep them safe by providing Memory Boxes, which are available at any stage of loss – even retrospectively. Understanding the importance of spending time with your baby, they have created space for this with their Family Rooms, located in hospitals.

SiMBA have also created a unique and timeless way of remembering alongside other bereaved families with their very special Tree of Tranquillity project. There are a number of trees located across the UK, and adding a leaf on a Tree of Tranquillity shows that you are not alone in your loss, and acts as a place to remember and reflect. There is a Tree of Tranquillity planned for Thurso and you can learn more about this project by speaking with our local support group – SiMBA Caithness. Click HERE to visit their Facebook page.

You can find the contact details for SiMBA Caithness underneath the video featured on this page.

As well as their Facebook page, the local team also have a closed Facebook group to support our local families through their tremendously difficult time, however long that may be for, and whether your loss is recent or historic. You are not alone.