Who Cares? Scotland: Objects Podcast Series

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Who Cares? Scotland's podcast, Objects, where the host, Charlotte Armitage, dives into conversation with Care Experienced people.

What is Objects?

The discussions are focused on the moments in life that shape us, the relationships that give us strength and the challenges that we overcome. Each guest brings three objects to the conversation, representing their life before, during and after care.

Listen to the series here:

1. Objects – Gary Meikle
On this episode, Charlotte is speaking with Scottish Comedy Award Winner, Gary Meikle. Gary was born and raised in Glasgow. Expelled from school when he was 14 years old, Gary was taken to live in a children’s home where he was asked to leave the day before his 16th birthday. Shortly after, Gary became a parent to his daughter, Ainsley, who he raised as single father. Gary uses comedy to share the loving and at times, challenging, relationship he has with Ainsley. Gary is now an internationally known stand-up comedian, who uses his platform to highlight the struggles Care Experienced people face, particularly after leaving care.
2. Objects – Cllr Graham Campbell
On this episode, Charlotte sits down with Councillor Graham Campbell. Graham, who is of Jamaican descent, grew up in North London before moving to Scotland permanently in 2002. Graham is a Rastafarian veteran political campaigner and community activist who in May 2017, was elected as Glasgow City Council’s – and Scotland’s – first ever African Caribbean Councillor. As a city Councillor and a proud Scots-Jamaican, Graham has shone a light on the role that Scottish people had in the slave trade and has campaigned for Glasgow to recognise and acknowledge its legacy of Tobacco Lord’s, Sugar Barons and Cotton Kings.
3. Objects – Jemma Kerr
On this episode, Charlotte is speaking with Jemma Kerr. As a baby, Jemma spent 3 months in foster care before being adopted by her Mum and Dad. When she was picked up from the social work office, she was dressed in a blue hat, yellow cardigan and a pink baby grow. The family, the sense of belonging and the fondness for eye catching, brightly coloured fashion is something that has stayed with Jemma throughout her whole life. As Jemma got older, she began to understand that being adopted makes up a huge part of her identity and this was a contributing factor for her going onto to complete a degree in Social Work, before working in the residential care sector. Since then, Jemma has become a beloved advocate for Care Experienced people in North Ayrshire and is the voice of love at Who Cares? Scotland’s annual Summer Camp.
4. Objects – Caroline Richardson
On this episode, Charlotte sits down with Caroline Richardson. Caroline grew up in Glasgow. One of her earliest memories is when she and her sister were taken into care when she was 3 years old. Despite being surrounded by other children, Caroline often felt alone and spent most of her time with her imaginary friend, Jane. This stemmed from the racism and prejudice she experienced growing up as a mixed-race person in the 70s and 80s. When Caroline left care, she worked hard to conceal that she was Care Experienced. This all changed when she started working at a community centre and she found herself relating to the Care Experienced young people she worked with. Since then, Caroline has been an unwavering children’s right defender. Caroline is the longest standing worker at Who Cares? Scotland and is as every bit as committed to it as she was 20 years ago.
5. Objects – Carmel Jacob
On this episode, Charlotte is speaking to Carmel Jacob. Carmel was brought up by her Gran in Edinburgh and as a child, she developed a love for wrestling. For Carmel, wrestling was a form of escapism, something that she could use to “concur the world”. As her career progressed, Carmel became known as the Pipebomb Princess. Her blunt, no nonsense approach made it clear to her opponents that they should expect the fight of their lives. This saw her become the ICW Women’s Champion and the first inductee of the ICW Hall of Fame. Carmel’s unpredictable and determined approach did not end with her wrestling career. She swapped her wrestling boots for university books, training as an Educational Psychologist, where she now supports Care Experienced children and young people to navigate the same care system, she too, experienced.
6. Objects – Chris Law MP
On this episode, Charlotte dives into conversation with Chris Law MP. Chris grew up in Fife and when he left school he trained as a Chef, before graduating from St Andrews University with a degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology. After spending ten years running tours of the Himalayas on a 1950’s motorcycle, Chris returned to Scotland and become a prominent figure during the Yes Campaign in 2014. The following year Chris was elected as Member of Parliament for Dundee West and he is now the SNP Spokesperson on International Development and Climate Justice. In Westminster, Chris has spoken on Universal Credit, Nuclear Disarmament and in March 2018 Chris revealed his Care Experience publicly for the first time during a House of Commons debate on foster care.
7. Objects – Kenny Murray
On this episode, Charlotte speaks with her friend and colleague, Kenny Murray. Kenny was brought up in Easterhouse. When he was 11 years old, he and his brothers and sisters were taken into care across separate parts of Glasgow. They would not be reunited again until Kenny turned 14 years old. After leaving care, Kenny pursued his passion for creative writing. He went onto study at City of Glasgow College and then completed a degree in Public Relations and Marketing at Queen Margaret University. Since then, Kenny has established himself as an award-winning campaigner, PR professional and aspiring screenwriter, with a particular interest in media representations of Care Experienced people.